Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

2012 has been such a wonderfully blessed year
with our 3rd baby on the way, and our family so near.
I'm not too thrilled about about big I've become..
worst part is there is still more to come!

Then there's the asking if I'm due very soon
 "NO....... its actually April.... when I am due"
The look of embarrassment becomes pretty clear
Which makes it easier since I can't have a beer...

I am truly blessed as I always say
I thank God for His blessings each and every day
We've been working on being grateful around our household
the boys chime in with with what they've been told
To be thankful for all that God gives us
like our beds, and our food, and cousin Gus

I hope God's been blessing you like He's been blessing me
and if not.... hey! there's always 2013!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect on the treasures in our life. But I'm trying to be thankful all year long.. and not just this month. I find it funny that so many people are posting facebook statuses about what they are thankful for. I just hope they can remember them once November is over.

We've been reading a thousand gifts in our small group. So I've actually been keeping a list of different things I'm thankful for (even before November so ha! j/k, its not a competition). Here are a few on my list....
-carving pumpkins
-a big ol' glass of sweet tea
-prenatal vitamins (healthy hair and fingernails!)
-christian radio stations

Here's hoping you all have a fabulous Turkey day and have lots to be thankful for!! Gobble Gobble!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Recycled bathrobe

So I have a few bathrobes..... I swear I have never bought myself one... but somehow acquired four!? So when I saw this one with stains from the cat barfing on it!!! I decided ok... we'll work something out.

I know its gross... but I didn't use any portion that had cat barf on it... and well I washed it shortly there after!

I liked the ribbed look of the portion around the collar and down the front, so I decided to make a cut along the seam down one side. I thought about using the side with the pocket... but then I'd have to rip it off and re-attach it b/c it would have been sideways!

I cut the belt in half and attached it to the sides for the new ties. I even decided to leave the belt loop on to hang it up when its not in use.

I did decide to make my own little pocket and sewed that to the front.

 After wearing it around (I looked ridiculous b/c of my big baby belly...) I decided I didn't care for the lilac color....

After stewing for roughly a half hour, a rinse and a wash.........

Here's my new apron/towel! I swear whenever I'm cooking I go to reach for a towel and the boys (JDub included) have taken it somewhere!!! Now the towel will be attached to me... they won't be able to take it away so easily :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lego my truck!

So a while back JDub thought it would be a good idea to get out the Legos!! Not the mega blocks... but the old-school Legos he grew up with. It was quite cute seeing all my boys huddled on the floor legos everywhere.... For the most part they are pretty good with them. I think the boys have more fun pretending to shoot me with the lego men's gun or chopping at me with the little ax then actually building anything... but eh.

JDub still has the instruction books on how to construct a couple different trucks and atv's and whatever else.... (he's such an organized nerd, gotta love it!) but last night he thought to make up his own "super truck" if you will. I kid you not... he worked on that thing for 4 hours.... ok... maybe it was 3... but still. He worked on it while the boys were awake... and then he got it back out after they went to bed and worked on it some more.

Here it is!!!

He even built it an engine...

I know I should be more enthusiastic... every time I show him one of my crafts and he's all.... oh nice... and I'm thinking do you know how much time and effort that took?! I was hoping for a little more of a reaction... and then there's me rolling my eyes and calling him a dork instead of saying good job honey the boys are gonna love it!! (and then destroy it... I'm guessing it will be intact for 2.5 minutes.)

Monday, November 12, 2012

ISU patches for pants

red material= sweatshirt, yellow = fleece scraps, black = sleeve scraps from a LBD remake! There is also some black and white puffy paint in the mix as well.

I tell you what... jamming that tiny pant-leg onto my machine and maneuvering it around to sew it on was a pain in the rear.... but it turned out pretty cute.

I just cut the excess black material off close to the seam line. I left it kind of "raw" because these are boys pants after all! They are so rough I find so many holes in the knees!

I know its a little gaudy I suppose... but a 4 year old can get away with it :)

Go State!! 

On another note.... my sis got a hole in her maternity jeans 
(ya know the comfy ones that are worn in :) ) so I made a little patch for hers as well!

Holey pants no more!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Makeshift heating pad

Bubba has been battling colds all summer/fall it feels like! I really think he has allergies... but I'm too cheap and lazy to take him to an allergist and get it confirmed. He's also been complaining of ear aches as well. I was plagued with ear aches as a child... I remember frequently waking up in the middle of the night (why do they always come at the worst time?!) screaming in pain due to an ear infection. Then we'd have to go to the doctor and get prescribed the yummy medicine that was pink and tasted like bubblegum! Well I do believe in modern medicine... I think if my child is screaming in pain and complaining of his ear; something is wrong... They usually come after a long period of him being sick with a cold that develops into the ear infection! Well I saw that laying on a heating pad can help reduce the pain. So I figured what the hay... lets try it! Only... I couldn't find my heating pad!

Go figure..... I'll admit I'm a bit disorganized... and it only gets worse with my pregnancy brain. So while Bubba's off whining on the couch I'm like ok I have some rice... lets just make one!

and here's the finished rice-filled heating pad

I made it red b/c its Bubba's favorite color! He loves the thing.... wants me to heat it up every night and he lays his little head on it :) Whatever it takes to make that lil guy feel better works for me. I even have the other arm of the sweatshirt if we ever lose this one! I'm using some of the other material for another little project. Want to guess what it is for?!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Turkey love

This past weekend JDub and I had the privilege of going to a wedding in Ames! We were able to see some of his old fraternity brothers and relax for a bit (w/o the kiddos). It was nice :) The couple was about the cutest couple around! I'll admit when we get invited to weddings I'm usually the "let's just get a gift card" type of person..... I mean everyone loves getting a gift card right?! I know I do. But I thought I'd get a little more personal this time around.....

See the groom is a turkey farmer! And with it being Thanksgiving season and all I thought of something to make!

I took some plain white kitchen towels (from Wal-Mart)........

 And turned them into this! The bottom red and yellow strips are ribbon, and the rest are scraps I had on hand. I did have to iron on some interfacing to the back of the turkey to make him extra sturdy. Then I did a zig-zag stitch all the way around each feather and the body. I decided to go with yellow and red to represent ISU! I added the towels and some other kitchen goodies from their registry to a nice red bread basket. And of course I couldn't pass up throwing in a bottle of my favorite Reggae Red wine! I hope they enjoy them :) They were fun to make. 

I got in the turkey spirit and made a couple of felt turkeys to play with too! One is a girl turkey if you can't tell....

Gobble Gobble!

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