Sunday, October 6, 2013

mini zippered pouch

All of the materials I already had for this little ditty.... while I was working on my Iowa patch I was also making something for this nice mom from my MOPS group. To be honest I don't know her that well... but while I was facebook stalking her I saw her in a Cubs shirt a few times so I figured she must be a fan!

I  made her a little "patch"... I was going to do the whole Cubs thing in a circle... but the thought of having to cut out each little letter and sew that on was a bit much... I went with the cute little cubbie bear instead! I used white fleece, red sweatshirt material, and just some blue cotton/polyester I had from making dinosaurs. I had to use fray check on the end of the blue b/c it was unraveling otherwise!

Then I was trying to figure out what to make with it! I thought of doing a key-chain for her keys... but it was rather large for that... then I figured I had bought a 10 inch zipper a while back.... maybe I should try to make a cute pouch with it! Honestly... the whole zipper foot attachment on my sewing machine kind of scared me. I had no idea what I was doing... but after researching online a bit I found a few videos and decided to dive in!

My mother had given me some fake leather looking, black material and I made this!

I have to say trying to figure out the zipper and what part to sew on when was a little tricky.... but I think it turned out pretty well! I want to go buy a bunch of zippers now!!

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