Wednesday, August 6, 2014

FYI I have red hair

So my mom and I were discussing the other day how there are so many stupid people out there?! Ha I know... not exactly a revelation... but still... Almost every outing I take with my children in tow, almost daily; I get asked one little question. A question that makes me cringe. A question that makes me want to punch random strangers in the face.....

And that one question is....... "Where does all that red hair come from?!"

Well guess what folks... I HAVE RED HAIR!! Yes I do! You can try to look at me strangely.... you can try to squint and say "no?!" But here's the deal folks. My hair is red. My children get their red hair FROM ME!! So please stop being idiots and asking where it comes from. You might just catch me in a bad mood and I might spout off. If you're lucky I'll be nice and smile and laugh (instead of rolling my eyes and giving you the evil eye).

I'll admit my hair is not fire-engine red. It was more red when I was younger. And when I am standing next to my children it looks less red. But it is still freaking red OK?! Strawberry-blonde if you will. But us red-heads stand together ok?! We embrace all the shades of "red" that are out there. And we don't hate. You non-red heads need to get it together.

My mother, who is from the south, gets asked (almost daily) "Where are you from?!" She has a southern accent, because well... she was born and raised in the south! She's lived in Iowa for over 20 years... and yet still gets asked that. Again stop being stupid. Maybe you should say "I just love your southern accent" and leave it at that.

So I'm just curious for all you readers out there... what's the number one stupid question that people just can't seem to stop asking you?!

ok... rant over... its been a while :)

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