Sunday, August 30, 2015


Sometimes you have those AMAZING naps.... the kind that don't last very long, you almost are unaware you've even slept... you wake up feeling refreshed and bursting with new energy... Your mood is suddenly lightened and you can take on any task!

And then sometimes you have those necessary, but hard naps. The kind that lasts too long. Your body feels as if it has been hit by a truck. Your muscles ache and cramp. Your head is in a bit of a fog. You can't recall the CRAZY dreams you just had... but you know you were weirded out by them when you first came too. You think what day is it?! Where am I?

Yea... I just had one of the latter variety.... Yikes... its been a while.

Monday, August 10, 2015


I drove to the wrong field for t-ball and didn't have enough time to make it across town to the right field. Ceej was wearing flip-flops anyway so it was pointless to go.

Let's go camping! Of course Mommy's in charge of packing all the kids bags and their belongings, and getting all the groceries and planning every meal we'll need on the camping trip. Don't forget cash and firewood. If you don't place the bags by the door on the way out, Miss M's bag won't make it to the campsite!

Bubba's bday is coming up. Make sure you call and reserve the pavilion. Get the paperwork in and check on time. Don't forget the invites and planning what we'll eat and who to invite and the party favors and present!

Where's my phone... what did I do with it? The last I remember was Bubba HAVING to show the neighbors a pic on my phone and then putting it on the back of my car.... CRAP.

What day is it? Seriously? Cause every day is the same... at least when its summer time it feels that way.

Have I brushed my teeth today? I think I did... I know the kids did... did I even put on deodorant?

Oh thank goodness Miss M is taking a nap... do I do my workout now... or just browse Facebook a minute.... Or do I just take a nap too....

Can I have candy? Can you make Kool-aid? Can I have fruit snacks? I'm too tired to pick up. My foot hurts I need a band-aid. The neighbors went to Adventureland I want to!! You NEVER let us do anything fun.

Mom where are my glasses? Mom, what's for dinner? Mom I want to wear my new clothes why haven't you washed these yet? Mom, you really need to clean the floor.

YAY!!! Daddy's home!!! Daddy Daddy Daddy!!!

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