Tuesday, June 24, 2014

30... so that happened?!

Well folks... its official... I'm in my 30's... YIKES! Birthdays just usually come around and I'm like "yea its no dig deal!" But this year was different. I feel really old. There have been more times that I didn't get ID'd this year than in the past. Some days I feel like my body is falling apart! I know I need to work out... but I've been really lazy about it since Miss M was born. I mean carrying around a sack of potatoes all day (aka Miss M) is kind of like a work out right? I'm really starting to question my wardrobe too... Am I too old to be wearing leggings all time?! I think I still look 20ish... so I can pull it off right?

Well my 30th birthday was pretty awesome. I'm not gonna lie... it started out a little rocky; what with Ceej waking up at midnight needing his water. Then again at 12:30 saying the "dust mites" were getting him. Then again at 1:00 with the same thing?! We went out to lunch at my FAVORITE pizza place in town... Zoey's! Which I would usually never do on a Friday (when JDub is working) but hey, I have some great friends that love Zoey's too so we all met there. Honestly, the lawn needed to be mowed to bad; but I refused?! I mean it was my bday after all.
(I actually  made the card on the left for my aunt... but its cute right?!)
 JDub did a FABULOUS job of picking out my new bag and wallet. Super cute right?! I may have sent him a link with the exact purse I wanted... but hey he got it. And I have to give him props for the wallet.. he picked that one out all on his own?! AND I LOVE IT!! If you are looking for a cute new bag you should hit up PurseNality of Marion. You can even shop online if you can't make it into the store! A good friend of mine owns the place and its fabulous!!
Ice cream cake..... its what's for dinner!
The boys had been going to a great VBS all week from 5:45-8:00 so while they were at that... JDub and I got a yummy ice cream cake from Coldstone (yikes that thing was $30?! but delicious) and that was my dinner! I couldn't even finish the whole thing... We stopped at a Redbox and grabbed a couple movies and that was it! A pretty great day if I do say so myself.

You know you're getting old when you ask for a new mop for your birthday.... It's not just any mop.. but a Norwex mop. So far its pretty awesome too. The dry mop is alot like a Swiffer; but you don't have to throw away all the "pads" you just brush it off and wash it and re-use it!? You don't even have to wash it after ever use! With my wood floors I think its going to be great.

I feel pretty good about accomplishing my goal of being 30 and no more babies! (Unless God had some other plans.... I'm just saying my planning for that is all done!) At 30 I am perfectly content staying at home, watching Netflix at night, and having playdates for the kiddos! Most would probably think I'm lame; but I'm okay with that.

Thanks for all the bday wishes! I am blessed!

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