Tuesday, January 14, 2014

All about Ceej 2014

Oh Ceej.... my 2nd born... fire-y red head! You are the feistiest one of the bunch. You have such a fun personality. You are always making friends everywhere we go?! Of all ages as well... girls, boys... teenagers... grandmas... they all love you. You are a cutie so that doesn't surprise me.

I'm wondering how you are going to do once your brother isn't around all the time next year. You two have so much fun playing each morning. I'm sure you and Miss M will have fun when your brother is away though. You are my best eater! You will try anything w/o hesitation, and you even love salad :) You are the best greeter when we return home! You are always running to the door when you hear it open yelling "DADDY! YOU'RE HOME!!!" and giving great hugs and even kisses sometimes.

Out of the blue you will come up and say "I love you Mommy" and hug me. It is so sweet. You are still such a loving brother. If Miss M is upset you will sing her songs or be silly and try to make her laugh. She loves you so much! And you feel great sympathy when we hurt ourselves... you'll be like "Mommy I'm sorry you hurt your lip are you ok?"

For some reason I have much more patience with you than your older brother (some think its b/c Bubba and I are so much alike). Even though you can be a stubborn little thing at times... refusing to go potty before we leave the house, or wear your coat... in general I can make you see why you need to listen to us w/o coming unglued.

You fall asleep in the weirdest places... at the craziest times... you almost always fall asleep in the car when picking Bubba up from school. I could put together a 15 minute slide-show of pictures of you passed out in various places :)

You LOVE taking baths. It is probably your favorite thing to do (besides playing Lego Star Wars). Even when the water turns cold you are still playing in there, not wanting to get out. Speaking of Lego Star Wars.... you are VERY good at it?! Especially at being R2-D2 and flying around. I'm impressed!

You really like girl toys (and I'm ok with that). You stole your (girl) cousin's princess slippers b/c they fit you better than her at the time. You enjoy "taking care of the babies" and are easily fascinated looking at pretty princesses. You really enjoyed the Tinkerbell movie too!

You are a sweet heart and I am proud of the little man you are becoming. You are pretty self-sufficient; you get dressed, brush you teeth, go potty, get a snack, all by yourself most of the time! And when you do need help you are usually good about asking nicely after trying first :)

You are a cutie and I can't believe you are going to be 4 in a few months?! I love you!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Well the holidays came and went this year! It was quite a blur...

We had holiday parties..... fun food... ugly sweaters... family gatherings... quite the abundance of blessings around here! All I really wanted for Christmas was a Silent Night... and that didn't happen. But I'm ok with that too. I got a funny Christmas card that said "We traded in our Silent Nights for a bundle of Joy..." and that seems pretty appropriate around here as well.
by the way i am breastfeeding in this photo....
Miss M has finally gotten a tooth! After months and months of gnawing on anything and everything it broke through the other day. Little stinker was screaming like a banshee again... so I'm sure we'll be having lots of fun when the other teeth come in. She really is cute though... so that helps :)

crescent roll, cream cheese, broccoli and red pepper Christmas wreath!
We had an ugly Christmas sweater party for our small group! And guess who won a prize..... oh yea baby... ME!

A special thanks to my mother who held on to that "gem" since the 80's. The judge was a nice neighbor of the hosts of the party... he appreciated a vintage ugly sweater :). I made JDub's sweater... I don't think he appreciated it that much... but he was a good sport!

I decided to make a few Christmas presents this year... something that is really in and fairly easy to do. I thought the first one was going to kill me!!! But then I finally figured it out and made a few more pretty easily. The infinity scarf! They are all the rage right?!
this is 1/2 gray sweatshirt material and 1/2 material from my bridesmaid dress

this is mostly gray sweatshirt material and a little dash of purple t-shirt added for some color!
JDub's aunt is very crafty and over Christmas she decided to teach us how to arm-knit! It's pretty easy... I'm kind of thinking of getting some knitting needles and trying that out now!
this was me in the process.... but I totally messed it up the 1st time and had to undo the whole thing and start from scratch!

And here's the final product. Not too shabby... second time around went MUCH MUCH better :) It took me about 40 minutes!

Overall I've had a great holiday. JDub's been on vacation since Christmas (goes back to work tomorrow) so that's been nice. Back to the "Real World" tomorrow though...... had to do it sometime right?! Any who, I hope you all are having a fabulous 2014. I myself need to get a new calendar b/c I can't remember what day it is!? Love to all.

On another note... I am still working on living for God and not others... It's a hard thing to do... but I can slowly see myself making progress in the right direction. I know I'm not going to change overnight... but some days are better than others. Keep me in your prayers if you think of it! And if you ever want to arm knit I'd love to join you!?

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