Friday, May 31, 2013

New recipe for grapes

I like grapes... they're pretty refreshing on a hot day! But I tell you what they are even better covered in almond bark (vanilla) and chopped peanuts (just regular ones, not salted or honey roasted).

It sounds kinda weird right? But I kid you not... it is delicious! And extremely easy! All you do is melt down the almond bark, dip your grape in it (not the entire thing... just about half of it), then dip into the chopped peanuts and set aside!

It is a little messy... and not the most attractive thing I suppose. But they are yummy! Everyone who has tried them has LOVED them! :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Homemade Father's Day present

Ok so I saw this idea on Pinterest... didn't come up with is on my own... but I did my own design!!

Bubba is modeling the shirt for me!
I used the freezer paper stenciling option I did a while back on this shirt... Again you'll need freezer paper, some sort of ex-acto knife, a hot iron, and some paint!

I used some letter stencils and traced and cut them out. This took FOREVER!!! The cutting part... But I did use my handy-dandy slicer from the container store. That thing is awesome!!! (its the little green thing in the photo above)

First trace whatever you want onto the dull side of the freezer paper (the shiny side with what gets ironed on. And you'll find out that tracing with markers or pencil doesn't work too well on the shiny side anyway!

Here's the front of the shirt.
freezer paper stenciling with paint applied
freezer paper stenciling after paint dries and paper is removed.

Here's the first design with paint applied again.
These roads need some destinations!
I used a q-tip to apply the paint in the smaller spaces.... and  cotton ball for the larger areas. Don't forget to put something inside the shirt before you paint! Otherwise it will bleed through to the other side... I just used some cardboard this time around (didn't want to waste the freezer paper!)

So for Father's Day if JDub is feeling he needs a little TLC... He can wear this shirt and get a backrub from the boys... I realize back rub is really two words... but when you are trying to complete a project with interruptions from two toddlers and a crying baby... sometimes you forget to spell check and then you've already cut stuff out and don't want to start over!! The boys can take a trip to a farm, church, daddy's work, and the playground!

I know I'm posting this prematurely... but I figured someone might need some inspiration this Father's Day!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Angry Bird Birthday!

Wow, I have really been slacking on the blog front... Well I have to admit with 3 kiddos in tow I have my hands more than full. I'm not complaining... I'm just saying its hard to blog when you have a baby attached to your breast, or in your arms, or rocking her with your foot so you can eat with two hands!

Any who, here are a few photos from Ceej's 3rd birthday party that was about a month ago! I of course was running around like a chicken with my head cut off like I usually do at these parties and therefor didn't get nearly as many photos as I was hoping... but here they are!

Each child that attended got a green pig, a bird, and a few cups. They could make their own towers and knock them down with the angry bird! I forgot to take pics of all the different birds I ended up making... These were make with my handy-dandy pom-pom makers, felt, googly eyes and hot glue!

I snagged the big yellow Angry Bird at Wal-mart for $5! The smaller ones were from Walgreens. They have little holes in the bottom where you can stick your finger or a pencil in and flick the birds that way! I figured a sling-shot was a bit much for a 3 year old's party...

We of course had Emi's Treat's make our cute and delicious Angry Bird cookies!

I opted out of making a cake of the party this time around. Instead we have pudding and oreo cups with gummy worms for dessert!

I used plain orange goody bags and cut out the faces of the orange bird with construction paper; I just used a glue stick to adhere. You can see the original orange bird on the stick in the middle :)

I also made these gummy worm bags for each goody bag.

I'd have to say my favorite part were the Angry Bird shirts I made for the family. I didn't make one for Miss M.... I didn't know how big she was going to be at the time of the party! But they turned out pretty cute. I bought some plain colored t-shirts from Wal-Mart and used scrap fabric to make each bird. I also printed out pictures of each bird and cut out the eyes, beak, eyebrows, etc. to make the birds more accurate. I used felt, fleece, and old t-shirts for the materials.

I was hoping the boys would like them... and they do! Bubba wants to wear it every day (even when its dirty). And usually when Ceej sees Bubba wearing his... he immediately wants to go get his on too. It warms a mother's heart! I kid you not... JDub even wore it the other day! I knew I could make him wear it for the party, but he actually put it on and wore it?! Apparently it is very comfortable.

The party overall was crazy! I was really hoping we would be able to have it outside... but Iowa weather was just not having that.... it was freezing!!! so we had it inside. Which was fine, but our house is not big my all means. So it was cozy... and warm.

You see Angry Birds everywhere! And when I saw this sweatshirt I just had to get it for the birthday boy. Ceej also acquired pajamas, a slap bracelet, underwear, tattoos, fruit snacks, you name it, they have it!

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