Sunday, February 24, 2013

Babies, Babies, Baby blankies

Seems like everyone's having babies all around me! My MOPS (Mother's of Pre-Schoolers) group has sooo many new babies... and still more babies to come! We had four pregnant ladies just at my table alone! (two of the four moms now have little girls!!) In preparation for all these babies I have been sewing up a storm.

baby blankets!!!

I think this is one of my favorites... one side was an old sweatshirt with the pocket and the other is fleece. I can just imagine hiding a little toy inside the pocket and seeing the baby try to figure out where it went.

Gotta love zebra print (fleece)! The other side is black satin!

This one is rather large.. but nice and sturdy, made with gray sweatshirt material and fleece. Definitely for a little boy!

More zebra, but this time with a nice burgundy satin. 

Now I need to figure out if I'm keeping one of these for my lil girl..... or making a new one! Who knows :) I get really bored of doing the same blanket over and over, so its been fun mixing and matching fabric with ribbons. I always think I have too much ribbon but I want to go buy more now!

Friday, February 22, 2013

40 days of devotion

I have never been much for giving up something for lent... I dunno.. it just seemed weird to me. Probably b/c I know myself pretty well and I slip up way too easy. But for the record... let it be known I have given up plenty of things (nitrates, egg nog, wine, beer, sushi, the GOOD cold meds that actually work....) being preggo three times now.... and for a lot longer than 40 days at a time! I do feel like I should get some kind of recognition for that... maybe just a "Holla!!!" or "you go girl!"....

All kidding aside.... this year is going to be a little different. Our church is doing this together! Its not just me trying to give something up on my own, but we're working as a family. So, for the next 40 days.... there will be no George before bedtime! Yep.. that's right... our usual, lazy night ritual of watching 22 minutes of uninterrupted Curious George snuggled on the couch with our instant Netflix is coming to an end! At least for 40 days. I have to admit I'm going to miss my lazy parenting... but instead we will be spending that time reading in our Bibles! Our boys just love their Bibles! I have to admit Ceej's has seen better days.... (it was a hand-me-down from Bubba...)

heeeey duct-tape!!

David and Goliath is a definite read each night; one of the boys' favorites. I can't say I blame them either! After all they are little boys, always trying to "get the bad-guys".

I never really thought about what you should do with that time you'd usually spend doing the thing you are giving up. Ya know? I just thought it was enough to stop doing whatever it is... but I get it now. You need to replace that time spent "watching George" with something more fulfilling and meaningful. I know the boys really like watching George, so I have a feeling some nights it might be a struggle. But we're trying to put it in their hearts to want to spend more time with God.

JDub and I are giving some stuff up too. We usually veg out in front of the TV after the boys go down for bed. Most of the time its some show or other... or something on our instant Netflix. But we've decided to forgo that... and instead we'll do our own devotions, or reading. Maybe not for the entire time we'd be watching a movie... but at least for part of the time.

It's been working out pretty well! Technically we have about 34 days left... We've had some great discussions (JDub and I) and the boys don't seem to mind not watching George at night. We still watch him occasionally during the day, but night-time is reserved for God!

Are you giving up anything?!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

JDub's bday

Oh happy day!!! JDub is the big 3-0 today!!! I have to say when we first started talking about having children I said I wanted to be done before I turned 30... and JDub agreed... well hey at least we're close! (I still have a year or so... but don't get any ideas!)

We went out to dinner last night, just the two of us... and don't worry he was ID'd for his beer!

I like to pride myself on being a good gift-giver... but since being pregnant and sick for the last two weeks.... I've been lazy. So JDub got an electric toothbrush (hey it was kind of expensive and he brushes too hard so I'm trying to save his gums!!!) a homemade card from the boys (I helped!) and this sweet cake!

a crazy cake with 30 candles and flames

these are sea monsters the boys drew and cut out

I, myself, love Coca-Cola... 
I have to admit it was delicious :) Or is... b/c we have about a half a cake to finish up! I used a boxed cake but the frosting is butter cream made by yours truly! So much better than the kind you get in a tub.

I love you JDub! It's hard to believe you're 30... haha j/k... you really don't look a day over 18! You are the best husband/provider/friend this girl could ever have on this earth. I look forward to many more birthday celebrations with you!

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