Saturday, September 28, 2013

Don't be hatin' (Iowa fans)

I'm an avid believer that just because you are not a fan of something... it doesn't mean you have to be a hater... There are several people out there that just do not understand that concept! If you can't say something nice... than keep your mouth shut! No I'm j/k.... but there are some Iowa Hawkeye fans out there that are just obnoxious right?!

Yes I like Iowa State... I am a cyclone fan. I would prefer that they win... but that doesn't mean I have to put your team down, and make fun of you... And honestly, UNI whooped ISU earlier this year... did I rub it in JDub's face?! NO! I just said sweet... go get me some dinner since UNI won... LOL.

We have some friends of ours who are pretty hard-core Iowa fans... they are decked out in Iowa gear quite often... and they have 2 little boys that are similar in age to my our boys.  So they have that same holey pants problem that you get when you have little boys. Or big boys probably too... You've seen some work I've done with patches on the knee.....

So when my friend was saying how her son had NO PANTS b/c they all had holes I said give me some pants and I'll figure something out....

So even though I don't "like" the Iowa Hawkeyes.... I hope he likes them!!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Come on Over Kids!!

If you are ever in need of getting your toddlers' attention here's a few ideas....

1. Buy them transformers that are too difficult to transform themselves... they'll need you to make them a "guy" and then make them a "car" and then back again several times!

2. Sweep.... make sure the pile of dirt and debris is right in the middle where they'll be sure to step in it.

3. Clean under the couches... you'll be sure to find lots of toys they had been looking for.

4. Go to the bathroom.... they always find me when I do!

5. Make a phone call.... they seem to have something more important to tell you than whoever you are
talking to.

6. Get on your laptop... especially while trying to type emails so you can lose your train of thought and type the same thing over and over  and over again.

7. Get a snack.... make sure it has a really noisy wrapper.... they'll recognize the noise and want some too.

8. Organize the toys... they'll think you are just making a mess and "help" or that its some kind of game...

9. Go start the laundry... by the time you get downstairs and stain treat everything they'll realize you've been gone for 5 minutes and think you are lost.

10. Sit down and read a magazine... you'll find yourself reading the same line over and over again!

Just a few tips in case you need them :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's Hot Hot Hot!!

Bubba's school has been cancelled 7 days so far this year due to the heat.... see he meets in the afternoon for Junior Kindergarten. When they have an early dismissal... due to the heat... he doesn't have class?! Its really hard to get into a routine when school keeps getting cancelled!!!

It is also hard to get up and get moving when you only get 2 hours of sleep too... Ok so maybe I got 2 hours the night before...and about 5 last night... but still. Ugh.

Miss M had decided that instead of crying when she is awake... she is going to screech a high pitched squeal! It was kinda funny the first time. I was like what is that noise?! But I'm over it now... I guess it is kind of better than crying... but eh. It is VERY loud... and sharp and high pitched. It echos especially well in a house full of hard wood floors! She is now eating food and loving it! Just like her mommy!! She's eaten carrots and sweet potatoes. And rice cereal of course. She's doing pretty good these days. She went from sleeping great to being back up alot of the night... but I know it won't last forever...

In other news I am working on filling up all my kids baby books?! OMG who invented those?! I hate you! No I'm just kidding... but honestly who fills in all the "what milk cost when you were born"... "How much was gas when you were born"... blah blah. Who cares? I'd have to say Miss M's book is by far my favorite. Its short and sweet... none of this... the first day you walked.... how we celebrated... um how we celebrated? I said "yay!!! good job buddy!" Does everything deserve some big huge celebration? Maybe I'm a cynic... but I don't need some prize or celebration everytime I do something good... and I don't want my kids to expect that either... I swear they're already expecting everything in the world. How do you teach your kids to be grateful? To be thankful for all the blessing's God has given us? Not to just destroy a toy and expect us to go to the store and just buy a new one.... ugh..

Bubba is enjoying school. I am not enjoying trying to get him there on time... but I'm working on it. All I can say is I believe our decision to keep him in Junior Kindergarten instead of going on to Kindergarten has proved to be a good one... That kid moves like molasses... hopefully he'll be able to last all day next year! He's been up coughing all night lately... I'm not sure what it is that is triggering it... so we are headed to an allergist.. but not for a month. I hope its not Mango causing his allergies!!! But hopefully we'll find out some answers soon. He is doing better with his new glasses... but still has days where he does not want to wear them.  He's good at wearing them at school at least... which is the most important time to wear them.

Ceej is missing his brother when he has to leave for school everyday. So the whole not having school lately has been kind of a hard on him as well. He gets pretty upset... they are best buds (even when they fight). He is such a stinker.... but can be so sweet sometimes too. He really looks out for Miss M and entertains her and holds her hand still. He's a very good big brother.

Well I have been struggling lately...the sleep deprivation is not helping... I have a short fuse these days... I'm supposed to be a loving mother but I find myself being selfish and patronizing. It's a good thing children are forgiving...

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