Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shaun the Sheep Bday

Well Ceej's 2nd birthday came and went!!! Wow... I can hardly believe my little babe is 2 now... not so little anymore :(

If you couldn't guess from his party invitations we went for a "Shaun the Sheep" birthday event! Thanks to Pinterest I was able to find a few cute things to try myself!

"carrot" utensils
After all..... sheep love to eat carrots right?! At least they do on Shaun the Sheep anyway....

pom-pom sheep
Each cousin that made it to the party got to take home their very own miniature sheep! Can you tell which one is Shaun?!
Sheep craft for kiddos

It really was too bad the second I get everything in place for the party......... it started raining!
the aftermath of the rain.....
pin the tail on the sheep

We just moved the party inside and did our crafts and played a little pin the tail on the sheep! Then we dined on sheep cupcakes and sheep poop! :)
sheep cupcakes

sheep "poop" (a.k.a. chocolate covered raisins, peanuts, or almonds)

All in all I'd say the kiddos had a good time. A big thank you for Pinterest for the idea on the cupcakes, carrot utensils, pom-pom sheep, and sheep craft! The sheep poop was all my idea though!!!

I even found these cute carrot bubble containers for all the kids as well.
carrot bubbles

You can find the links for any of the sheep ideas here.............
Pom-pom sheep......... pom-pom shaun tutorial
Sheep craft................. cotton ball sheep craft

As far as the sheep cupcakes go........... the Pinterest original looked like this....
pinterest original inspiration
my version of the cupcakes

I modified mine to look more Shaun-esque. I used marshmallow fondant to form the sheep heads and ears and you can find the recipe here: marshmallow-fondant recipe . When I first looked at the recipe I was like what is icing sugar?! But turns out its just powdered sugar! I bought candy eyes (who knew they had such a thing?!) at Target :)

I have to say Ceej's Shaun the Sheep party was OFF THE BAAAAA! :)

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